Is Church Downloadable

With our new Spirit of Life App, you can access practically everything on your phone. You can listen to my messages, contact leaders, make a donation, get notifications about what’s happening, even read this blog. You may be thinking this technology is great. Now, if your feeling a little low on energy this Sunday and thinking you’d like to just stay home and watch a couple of games, you can. You can just use the app - make your donation, listen to pastor’s message along with a few of your favorite worship tunes while you drive to work one day this week. And if anything important happens, don’t worry, you’ll get a notification.

Many committed Christians are now attending church less often. Why bother getting out of the house, breaking up your down time, when you can get your God time on your schedule? Apps and online options enable anyone to get the two ingredients that they get when they attend church - a message and music. So why not just skip the service and download this week’s service of church?

Great question.

New technology gives us access to any preacher, anytime and anywhere. And it’s free! So why attend, when you can download?

There are things that happen when you come to church that are just not downloadable.

1 You can’t download community. It’s the connections that happen when you're with a room full of Christ followers - the face to face factor that comes when you're around people you're doing life with. This is what made the early church such a dynamic movement.

2 You can’t download the special presence of God you have when you come to church. Yes, God is with you individually. He is everywhere. But there is something unique about the presence of God when Christ followers gather to love one another and worship. This corporate presence of God changed the first century world.

3 You can’t download serving people. The church is one of the best places to serve someone, love a child, notice a teen, welcome a first time visitor, encourage someone who is down, smile at someone looking lonely, hug someone with a broken heart, or give to someone in need. If all you do is download your favorite Christian content, the only person you will end up serving is yourself.

What would you add?

I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in church this Sunday.

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