Without Regrets

We all have regrets - situations we wish we could start over again, moments we would like to redo. Why is that? I was reading a blog by Carey Nieuwhof and he said some great stuff that got me thinking.

The common thread of regrets is most often not the situation or moment, but how you responded to it. In other words, the regret is about who you were when the hammer dropped. You can look back on a lot of other situations, and see you handled things well. With those, you really have no regrets. And no regrets feels good.

Think about the things you’ve never regretted doing. If you could do more of these more often, wouldn’t that lighten you list of regrets?

Here’s a list of things I don’t think you’ll ever regret.

  • Throwing your heart into whatever you do. It’s the best shot you’ve got at making an impact.

  • Taking the high road. Be kind. Don’t fight back. Prepare to be misunderstood. Forgive. Show grace.

  • Saying you’re sorry. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re always right. Be the first to apologize.

  • Praying for the folks closest to you, including your aggravators.

  • Pushing through your fears.

  • Smiling more. The world doesn’t need any more grumpy faces.

  • Saying an encouraging word. It costs you nothing but means everything to the person you’re encouraging.

  • Saying thank you.

  • Helping someone who can’t help you back. Be generous with your time. Open up your schedule and your space to others.

  • Finding a few great mentors.

  • Developing some replenishing relationships - people that fill you when you’re exhausted and drained.

  • Decide ahead of time what your priorities will be.

  • Carving out a daily time with God. You’ll never regret anchoring yourself in scripture every day.

What would you add to the list?

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